Imagine staying a week in a castle in Tuscany or Umbria…

  • Learn the art of oil painting or creative writing steeped in an iconic landscape which has been inspiring artists for centuries
  • Enjoy daily meals of fine Italian cuisine and delicious wine
  • Savor your free time with a swim, spa, or massage
  • Relax each evening with an aperitivo in hand
  • Refine your cooking skills with a lesson from a Michelin star chef
  • Explore picturesque towns, historic museums, and natural wonders

This is the Renaissance Retreat in Italy experience.


Conceived in 2017 by painter, Timothy Joseph Allen, the first Retreat took place in the Spring of 2018 in Tuscany. Three retreats followed— all focused on portraiture.

Over the years, special activities have included:

  • Cooking lessons with Michelin Star Chef Roberto Rossi and dinner at his restaurant, Il Silene.
  • Cheesemaking with local shepherds
  • Wine-tasting with various wine makers in the Tuscan region

In 2023 we expanded into Umbria and ran our first custom Retreat in the Castello di Postignano.

Special activities included:

  • Visit to the sacred forest of Monte Luco
  • Truffle Hunting
  • Guided tour of the town of Spoleto
  • Guided tour of the town of Assisi

On this retreat, primarily focused the landscape en plein air, we were able to bring on board the writer, Rebecca Harrington, who added a creative writing workshop.

Bringing together painters and writers, be they professionals or amateurs, is something we want to continue— so come one and come all!

Ready to Join Us?

If you are interested in joining an upcoming Renaissance Retreat in Italy, please have a look at our ‘Come Along’ page.

If instead you would like to develop a custom Renaissance Retreat in Italy, please have a look at our ‘Create Your Own’ page.

Kim, Valerie, David, Sophia, Patti, and David pose for a group photo in front of the Castello di Postignano during our 2023 Summer Retreat.

Timothy Joseph Allen with his superstar assistants, Nika and Matilde.